the scheme

The basics:

The scheme operates by having one or two children into the shop at a time for four sessions of an hour long. Each session focuses on a different aspect of retail:

Session 1: Customer Service

Session 2: Stock

Session 3: Finance and Forward Planning

Session 4: Marketing

The idea is that at the end of these sessions they leave with a better idea of the breadth of skills involved in running a retail business, and excited about what this can mean for a career. It also helps young people to see that retail is a viable career option and not just a 'because there's nothing else' job.

The scheme costs a one-off £40 (£30 for the first five shops). This gives you all of the current scheme. The cost is per company for up to 5 of your own shops. If you have more than 5 shops then just get in touch and we can sort out a different licence. 

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What you get:

  • We provide a pack with session plans (including possible alternative activities if the one suggested isn't feasible for you), top tips and work sheets for the children where appropriate.

  • A certificate pdf is also provided. This gives the children something they can add to their folders of achievement and it lists the skills they have used.

How do I get involved?

  • If you have a child then share this website with a local shop and encourage them to take part

  • If you have a shop please fill out the online form

    • ​We will have a look at your shop information ​​​and if we think the scheme is appropriate for you we will then send you a PayPal invoice. Upon payment you will receive a login which gives you access to the scheme and all associated resources.

What you need in place for the scheme to work:

  • A physical premises

  • Time to look at the pack in order to familiarise your self with it

  • Time to run the sessions and do any follow up required, e.g. typing up blog posts

  • Either the ability to have two members of staff in work at the same time, or the willingness to work with two children at once (this is for child protection reasons)

  • We try and keep costs and resources to a minimum 

    • You will need a printer for worksheets, certificates and session outlines

    • Sticky labels and pens

    • A camera or camera phone 

    • The only thing out of the ordinary is that you will need tumbling blocks (e.g. Jenga); you don't need a special set so if you've got on at home that is perfect.

  • Insurance. Check with your insurance company that you are covered to work with children on the premises, they may specify that you need a DBS check which will cost you (the amount will depend on which level of check they require)

  • A health and safety risk assessment, you may just need to add a few bits into your existing one

  • A website or social media page where you can upload the blogs/vlogs created during the marketing session